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March 23, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

An antiques expert in America has become a travelling one man Antiques Roadshow, visiting counties across the North West to tell residents what their antique cabinets and other valuables might be worth.

If you want to know what that Victorian balloon backed dining chair in your Lancashire attic might sell for, Dickinson’s Real Deal is visiting Preston in April. There, people can have items valued before dealers offer them cash based on what they think they’re worth. Antiques specialist Mark Moran offers a similar appraisal service to residents in the American North West, but with one important difference: he never offers to buy or sell on commission the items he values, saying it would be a conflict of interests. A dealer in the 1980s, Mark went on to become a successful writer before setting up as a specialist antiques appraiser. The past seven months has seen him on the road to various local events, the latest being a Home and Garden Expo at a West Virginia high school.

Most people are just curious about their curios, but occasionally something of real value turns up, such as some rare 19th century Chinese Cloisonné elephants worth tens of thousands of dollars, which will shortly go to auction. At the other end of the scale, Mark was shown a copper urn that was found on a dumpster. The finders tipped out the contents before bringing it for appraisal – not realising that what they had thrown away were the ashes of somebody’s long dead relative.

In Preston, you can bring your antique cabinet – or any jars it contains – to an antiques dealer for appraisal, with no pressure to sell whatsoever.

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