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December 7, 2012 - Filed under: Antique Bookcases — David

A rare volume of road maps donated to an Oxfam shop has been sold for £2,000.

Despite the advent of electronic reading technology, in areas like the Ribble Valley antique bookcases continue to be popular. Nothing shows off an antique bookcase better than a shelf full of antique books, and a particularly fine one turned up at a Newcastle Oxfam shop recently. Donated by a friend of one of the volunteers, it was a rare first edition of Britannia Depicta – basically a hard-back volume of contemporary road maps – published around 1720. The philanthropic donor was aware the book might be worth something, which led Oxfam to seek advice from specialist book dealers. They were advised the volume was worth in excess of £2,000, which was what a local collector eventually paid for it. The alternative was to send it to auction.

Store manager Morgan Williams was thrilled with the result, saying:

“It was sold to a local person, which is what we wanted.”

He added that the money could change the lives of those in areas like Asia and Africa.

Co-worker Rachel Pollock said:

“We do get some exciting books coming into the shop regularly, but we’ve never had anything this old or worth as much money.”

The story is remarkably similar to one back in September, when a rare copy of J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan, left anonymously outside an Oxfam shop in Cheshire, sold for £1,700 at auction.

Whether the books are rare first editions or bin-end bargains, antique dealers in Preston have a wide selection of antique bookcases to put them in.

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