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Victorian buffet sideboards were large and highly decorative and primarily built to showcase a family’s wealth rather than serve food from. However it was particularly the Arts and Crafts movement that set about simplifying the sideboard to something essentially more fit for purpose.

Charles Eastlake’s Reformed Gothic earlier in the 19th century had already disposed of many of the artificial trappings of the Victorian sideboard and in true Arts and Crafts style, his examples of sideboards exposed joints to exhibit the skill of the individual craftsman rather than the anonymous uniform styling of the machine.

Towards the end of Victoria’s reign and into the Edwardian period, a cross section of designs began to appear under the Arts and Crafts banner. New materials such as leather, pewter and stained glass were all being incorporated into furniture design which at all times displayed the skill of the craftsman who made it. Styles too were being combined where Elizabethan and Jacobean designs combined as ‘Jacobethan’ which again reflected the honest joinery of much older pieces.

Although retrospective Victorian styles of sideboard were still available during the Edwardian period, the use of bronze panels and leaded lights inspired by Gothic styling and used by the artisans of the Arts and Crafts Movement were becoming increasingly popular. Many houses often owned more than one buffet sideboard for both breakfast and fine dining which reflected itself in the variety of different styles available.

The clean styling and honest construction of Arts and Crafts furniture has ensured its ongoing popularity. When looking for Arts and Crafts furniture, Preston in Lancashire has specialist antiques dealers who are pleased to advise you.

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