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It was the American influence mainly that dictated the innovative and often exotic nature of Art Deco furniture. Pieces like the cocktail cabinet for example were as a direct result of the film industry and Prohibition, where cocktails were mixed to disguise the often fowl tastes of illicit alcohol illegally produced in America during this period in the 1920s.

Pieces of furniture like the wardrobe, dressing table and the cocktail cabinet were all synonymous with Art Deco functionality and style. To reflect these innovations in furniture manufacture and design, less commonly used materials in cabinet making such as glass were being incorporated into these pieces. New technology produced strengthened shatterproof plate glass and chrome juxtaposed with burr walnut, elm, macassar ebony and ivory, plus mirror lined glass shelves to give pieces a much cleaner and brighter look. A type of glass called vitrolite was so strong that it was used for flooring and walls which then could be etched and braided with typical Art Deco motifs.

Plastics and tubular steel rather than ivory were now being used for handles and other forms of ornamentation and fitted on the now fashionably rounded cabinet fronts which were often offset by geometric and asymmetric cut mirrors. Also, pieces were being designed for smaller houses and flats during this period where furniture could form part of a built in unit. Cheaper pieces using thinner veneers on ply were also being produced during this time to satisfy demand.

Art Deco antique furniture remains popular today and dealers in Lancaster and across the UK are able to provide a good range of this innovative and ground breaking style of furniture.

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