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September 4, 2009 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Harriet

At a time when saving money through a bank becomes a rather unprofitable occupation, the ownership of an antique cabinet could provide a good return on your investment.

The potential value of antiques is often brought to our attention through programmes like the Antiques Roadshow. Viewers tune in to enjoy the surprised faces on screen where someone is told the value of an item that has been in a drawer for years or was purchased for pennies in a charity shop. The valuer is often told, ‘I wasn’t going to bring this in because I didn’t think it was worth anything!’ It is this element of luck that makes this type of find attractive to the general public and also accessible to anyone that enjoys walking around car boot sales or looking through boxed lots at auctions.

Although there has also been a slight downturn in the antiques market, particularly with brown furniture, many families have resorted to selling off the ‘family silver’ in a bid to realise cash for treats and foreign holidays. In this way, the value of these objects is observed first hand. Through their saleability, many have also come to understand that they are merely the custodians rather than owners, and it is often the antique chest of drawers rather than a loan from the bank that can provide an unfettered financial boost to the family purse.

So whether it’s a few pounds or a few hundred pounds, antiques can often provide a better return on your investment than a fluctuating and unreliable financial market.

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