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The fashion for fine dining really took hold during the Victorian era. The burgeoning middle classes were now all vying for what the aristocracy had, and the age of the machine responded by producing the balloon back antique dining chair .

Its seamless construction produced something that curved in all the right places. The machine was able to produce sophisticated jointing and turning that created an almost seamless line from the cresting rail at the back, round to its neatly nipped in waist which fitted comfortably into the back of the sitter. The antique chair also came in a variety of different shapes and sizes to accommodate the largest of diner and the most discerning of tastes. This Victorian dining chair was also tough and comfortable enough for people to sit on for hours at the dining table.

A variety of woods were used in the manufacture of antique dining chairs . The seats were often made of birch or beech, then veneered to match the legs and back. Cheaper versions of the chair were made of these lighter woods then stained to imitate the more exotic hardwoods like rosewood, mahogany or walnut. The seat is always a good indicator of the age and quality of the chair. Earlier examples had drop in seats, where later examples were stuffed over and decorated with braiding or studs. The seats were generally stuffed with horsehair, the finest examples in white horsehair, and often upholstered in damask, silk or Berlin woolwork.

Although the machine really developed the balloon back dining chair, increases in mass production produced many inferior examples. So when looking to buy these popular antique Victorian dining chairs , Lancashire antique dealers will guide you on quality.

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