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September 10, 2012 - Filed under: Victorian Dining Chairs — David

A museum on the New England coast is exhibiting locally produced artworks, along with Victorian dining chairs and other furniture sourced from local antique dealers.

The George Marshall Store Gallery is one of several museums managed by the Old York Historical Society, which was founded 100 years ago to protect the heritage of York, Maine – one of the earliest colonial settlements in New England. Originally a general store, the building was purchased by the society in the 1950s and since 1996 it has been a gallery space, managed by the Curator of Contemporary Art, Mary Harding.

Since the gallery opened, Mary has collaborated with the general Curator of Museums, Tim Johnson, on an occasional series of formal exhibitions, displaying historical artefacts such as antique chests alongside contemporary ceramics, paintings and other modern art. Until now, the antique desks, chairs and other historic pieces have always been chosen from the Museums of Old York collection. However, this year’s exhibition, Accord VIII, saw Johnson taking up a new post in a neighbouring town, returning as guest co-curator and a dynamic new plan: instead of getting historic inspiration from the Museum’s Collection, why not work with local antique dealers?

The pair set to work scouring the local antique shops, being rewarded with more than 50 items on loan until the exhibition ends on 30th September. Many of the items were of personal value to the people who lent them, such as an antique chest which had been a wedding present to the dealer’s mother.

It is easy to get a new look for your home by pairing contemporary artworks with Victorian dining chairs. A Preston antique dealer will offer plenty of inspiration.

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