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Members of the Old Things Antiques Club get together once every month and discuss the latest find from the world of antiques, usually inviting a guest speaker along. The members are mostly from Chicago and the Northwest suburbs, meeting at Messiah Lutheran Church. The club is looking for new members to join, and has an annual flea market which will take place at the start of June.

The club president, Terrie Walbowski, has been a member of the club for 20 years and says that the lectures are interesting, sometimes about things you would never usually consider. The topics have included glass from the Depression-era, antique furniture, jewellery, comics and more. Walbowski also added that they had had interesting presentations on antique clothing, including wedding dresses and corsets. At the lectures, the lecturer provides information on how to identify authentic antiques and how to spot a reproduction. The first Saturday in June is the annual flea market, which is sponsored by the Old Things Antiques Club. The money raised from the raffles is used to pay for monthly speakers, along with money raised from membership fees.

Whether a person is looking for a specific item or just generally browsing, it is difficult to know if an antique item is genuine or a reproduction, unless the person has a strong knowledge of antiques. For people in the UK, there are antiques dealers that specialise in certain items, including antique furniture like antique dining tables . Preston is just one region in the UK where you will discover a reputable antiques dealer who can give advice.

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