21 Apr 2021
April 15, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

A programme on the BBC has inspired people with broken antiques and other household items to consider restoring them at home.

The Repair Shop has proved to be a massive hit and shows the restoration of antiques and other loved items. It has inspired people to have a go at restoring their old and cherished items.

On the show, people bring old objects to The Repair Shop to be restored and tell stories about the history of their objects. Sonnaz Nooranvary is one of the repair team who specialises in upholstery. She owns a restoration company. She wants antiques to live on as items that tell stories about past generations and their historical background.

According to Joel Golby in the Guardian, The Repair Shop is about:

“The quiet appreciation of old things. The hip younger brother to Antiques Roadshow. ”

People can passively watch The Repair Shop and can be inspired to attempt their own restoration projects. Staying at home with plenty of time available, many people in lockdown are looking for things to fill their time with. The show gives restoration tips, and there are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube to teach how to restore antique furniture.

If you purchase antique wardrobes, chests, chairs or other furniture from Lancashire antique dealers, they will usually be in fine condition. If you do buy an item that needs repair, there are some excellent professional antique restorers in the region. However, in these uncertain times, you could try restoring it yourself.

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