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November 28, 2009 - Filed under: History of Antiques — David

The more people move away from the overindulgences of Victorian décor and antique furniture, the more they move back towards Victorian overindulgence at Christmas time.

When it comes to creating a splendid Christmas feast, presenting a large roast organic turkey with all the trimmings, lashings of giblet gravy, stuffings and sauces is still what everyone wants and nothing much has changed for well over 100 years. In fact, the modern concept of Christmas is very much down to the Victorians. Without them there would be no traditional holiday, presents, Father Christmas, turkey, cards, tree, crackers or carol singers, in fact anything that we hold dear today.

In the true Victorian tradition, it was the dinner that was the main focus to the celebrations and modern kitchen equipment certainly helps to take away some of the labour intensiveness to re-create a very authentic Victorian Christmas dinner. There were the dark years of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s when frozen birds, dried stuffings and bread sauce, jars of cranberries, not very meaty chipolata sausages and Bisto gravy created something rather less than perfect, but these days are disappearing fast. The Victorian era provided the hey day of Christmas festivities that everyone increasingly aspires to and the traditional images of the Victorian Christmas endure.

So a roasted organic turkey stuffed to the gunnels and presented on a large blue and white meat dish, surrounded by matching serving dishes of roast potatoes, sprouts, bread and cranberry sauces and gravy, crackers and a reasonably good bottle of champagne all laid out on a Victorian antique pine table is what the traditional Christmas dinner is all about.

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