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Although the economy seems to be coming out of recession, this downturn has hit most of us pretty hard and sent many of us scurrying to the attic to see if there is anything that can be sold. Antique dealers have been doing particularly well where it is certainly a buyers’ market at present. So if you have a piece of antique furniture that you are keen to sell, then calling in a dealer is the way to go. However, antique dealers are not mind readers, so here are some guidelines to consider before making that call.

Be sure that what you actually have is an antique. Check out antique dealerships on the internet and see what they have for sale. At least you will be able to identify your piece and a ball park figure of what it might be worth. It may be an idea to send a photo and take measurements.

Antique dealers often specialise. If you think you have an early 20th century Arts and Crafts sideboard, then find a dealer who specialises in Arts and Crafts furniture , and be prepared to describe the item over the phone.

Make an appointment with the dealer either for them to come to you or you to them. They are busy people. You could turn up with an antique chest of drawers in the back of a van but often parking is difficult on the high street and pieces can get damaged in transit.

Don’t expect an Antiques Roadshow valuation. Remember that the dealer has to sell the piece on and make a profit.

If you find out that your item is not an antique, then try to sell through less specialised outlets. There are plenty of second hand furniture shops that would probably be interested and could give you a good price. Otherwise, advertise.

If you feel you have good pieces and want to sell, take your antique table and antique dining chairs to Lancashire antique dealers who will be happy to appraise your item and offer a sensible price if they are interested.

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