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September 4, 2010 - Filed under: Antique Tables — David

With uncertainties over pensions, investments and the cost of living generally, it is often comforting to know that you have pieces of antique furniture that if necessary can be sold to release much needed cash. However with owning antiques that have been passed down from generation to generation comes a sense of responsibility and by selling your antiques are you somehow letting your family down?

Dr Lori writing in Mainline Media News recently suggested that if younger members of families want family antiques then they should ask for or even offer to buy these pieces from older relatives in order that pieces should stay in the family. She says that many older people live on a fixed income and any extra money comes in useful.

Living with antique furniture is like having money in the bank. Obviously some pieces are worth more than others, however sitting around a priceless antique table when you can’t afford to keep warm is ludicrous, so Dr Lori suggests that families should perhaps take the bull or table by the horns and offer a good purchase price in order that the antique stays within the family and the older relative can benefit from an infusion of cash.

However, the number of family pieces brought to programmes like Flog It! for valuation and sale seems to suggest that children are less and less keen to inherit family heirlooms and are happy for their parents to sell on pieces and release cash for themselves. Certainly with owning a family antique comes an amount of responsibility and perhaps our younger generations no longer want to be saddled with these family legacies.

When considering the value of a family antique or wishing to sell it on, take your antique dining table to a Lancashire dealer who will be able to appraise the item and suggest a fair price.

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