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March 13, 2018 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

A mum was horrified when visiting a friend’s house as her toddler pressed a button on a remote control which caused damage to antiques. The button operated a remote-controlled TV cabinet.

The mother described what happened next in a Mumsnet post:

“This caused the lid on the side cabinet to start sliding up. Only problem was that the sideboard was being used to display a collection of antiques which came spectacularly down, one by one. ”

The value of the damaged antiques was £80,000. A large marble clock caused a dent in the parquet floor which took the total damage bill to around £90,000. The mother did not say if the antiques were insured or if she was asked to pay the bill for the damage.

Many people responded to the Mumsnet post by saying that it was not the mother or the child’s fault. It was pointed out that the arrangement of displaying antiques on top of the TV was not ideal.

Other mums responded with tales of their own children accidentally damaging antiques. One child caused an antique telescope to topple over. Another said that her child had been in a house for just four seconds before damaging an antique. Another child managed to set fire to a house destroying much of its contents.

When buying antique chests or antique cabinets from a Lancashire antique shop, be careful about displaying expensive antiques on them when they arrive in your home if there are young children in the household or small children are liable to visit.

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