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March 4, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

Lancashire residents gained valuable information on 22nd February on why condition may – or may not be – important when buying antiques and collectibles, or selling them at auction.

The information came courtesy of Trade Secrets, a spin-off of the popular Flog It! BBC antiques show, in which Paul Martin and the experts share key moments from the show to help illustrate the tips and advice they give. This episode focussed on condition, and on when and when not damage can matter to the objects in someone’s antique cabinet. Along the way, Paul found time to make a return visit to the magnificent Tudor Jacobean mansion of Temple Newsam, which has over 20,000 antiques to look after, including Victorian mahogany pedestal desks , antique dining chairs and an antique cabinet.

The items that featured on Trade Secrets would fit comfortably inside a small antique chest, although Cumbrian viewers were treated to a brief view of a lavishly decorated cabinet – which Paul used to illustrate the fact that the Flog It! experts are regularly shown antiques that, on the surface, are in perfect condition – but on closer inspection are revealed to be damaged, cracked or, worse still, total fakes.

The general rule was that people in the Ribble Valley looking for Victorian mahogany pedestal desks or other antiques should look for non-renovated items in good condition, although repairs done over 100 years ago are okay. One thing that was stressed was that someone buying an antique desk in Lancashire should not be afraid to examine it very carefully and ask the antiques dealer questions.

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