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August 24, 2010 - Filed under: Antique Tables,History of Antiques — Richard

Traditional hand made country furniture has never really gone out of fashion and it would seem that there is a resurgence again in its popularity. What is it then about country antique furniture that we like so much? Is it just another reaction against machine made and modern or does it go deeper than that? A recent article in the Flint Journal attempts to explain why. One reason put forward is a practical one. A local antique dealer points to its versatility where she says:

“It’s simple, easy to live with, and it’s a look that may be mixed with modern things, but it works.”

However, she goes on to say that these pieces tend to be egalitarian where they were made for ordinary people rather than an aristocratic household. Also, what many of us tend to do consciously or otherwise is look back to simpler times when life becomes too fast and frantic and this desire for often fairly roughly hewn country antique furniture is all part of this. It seems too from the article that it is younger generations that also want to buy these surviving relics of our past and old country antique furniture is now becoming popular and with its popularity, a higher value.

The durability of oak means that much period and revival antique oak country furniture survives today in good condition. These pieces were often simply put together so jointing remains robust and strong. When looking for oak antique dining tables in Lancashire , local dealers will be able to show you a good selection of pieces.

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