29 May 2020
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The Trump administration is charging a 10% tariff on antiques, paintings, and drawings imported to the United States from China as part of its policy of imposing tariffs on Chinese goods.

The United States imports millions of dollars’ worth of antiques and art from China every year. Data from the United States International Trade Commission shows that antiques over one hundred years old worth over $100 million were imported to America in 2017. As these antiques tend to be high value, the actual number of items imported to the US may not be high.

Ji Tao, an art expert at the Auctioneering Institute of the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing said:

“I think it’s bizarre that [the US administration] would include such cultural products. Once they were done with the industrial products, the technological products, and the agricultural products they had to get cultural products involved”.

Antique trade experts believe that the tariffs may not have much effect. There is a worldwide network of auction houses. It would be easy for a Chinese seller to sell antiques through a non-Chinese or US auction house from where a US buyer could purchase them.

Most Chinese sellers sell most of their antiques and artwork in mainland China so do not need to export their goods to other countries.

The UK would be unaffected by these US tariffs. You may find fine examples of a Chinese antique wardrobe or antique vase for sale by Lancashire antique dealers.

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