07 Mar 2021
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A craftsman in Istanbul is keeping the art of mending antique carpets alive.

Antique lovers like to fill their homes with antique furniture. To complete the antique look, a genuine antique carpet or rug is ideal. However, it is difficult to find antique carpets in good condition, as they tend to be worn from the many feet that have trod on them over the years.

Ramazan Yumuşak is one of the few craftsmen left in the world who specialises in mending valuable antique carpets. Turkish antique carpets that were made a hundred years ago or more are highly prized by collectors in Europe.

Yumuşak restores faded and worn carpets, and uses other carpets made in the same region to repair them. For example, when repairing a carpet made in the Konya region of Turkey, he sources a carpet from the same area to repair the original carpet. For the repair process, he washes the new carpet with shampoo to soften it, before ironing it and extracting thread to weave into the carpet that is being repaired. It takes him two to three months to repair a single carpet.

The craftsman told Hurriyet Daily News that most carpets he repairs are sent to him from Europe. The cost of the original carpet, plus the repairs, makes restored antique carpets very expensive.

If you are the owner of an antique carpet, match it with fine antique desks, tables, chairs and other furniture from Lancashire antique dealers. Alternately, you could fit a reproduction antique carpet beneath your antique furniture.

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