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February 8, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

A new show on Watch TV will put the shivers up anyone who finds there is something creepy about owning a Victorian oak pedestal desk .

Some people in Lancashire don’t see antique balloon back dining chairs the way collectors do – in fact, they feel downright uneasy about having something in their home that once belonged to a dead person.

Watch TV’s new reality series, Haunted Collector, would probably have them scuttling behind the sofa, because it follows US demonologist and paranormal collector John Zaffis as he and his family respond to calls from people terrified by strange goings on in their homes and businesses. As with the similarly themed Ghost Hunters, they probe around with EMF detectors and other techie gadgets, but with the aim of finding antiques and other artefacts they believe to be haunted or possessed. He then offers to remove them from the premises.

Any cynics in the audience should be aware that, although John visits various dealers, it is for the purpose of tracing the antiques’ histories and origins only. The objects themselves end up in a paranormal museum in the basement of his house, where among other things is an antique desk that once belonged to a college – which supposedly had a habit of moving across the floor on its own.

Zaffis’ reasoning is that occult and antique objects can absorb spiritual energy. The antique cabinets that Lancashire antique dealers sell are often very spiritual – especially if they were used to store whisky or gin.

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