26 Nov 2020
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Neil Packer, a paranormal investigator, is planning to open the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley, Leicestershire. This is probably the UK’s only antique centre with a supernatural boast.

The centre will conduct paranormal research on objects but will be open to the public at weekends. Part of the research will consist of live internet feeds so that people all over the world can observe the research.

Packer has collected around 50 antique objects he claims are haunted. They are moving from his home to the centre so that there is room in his home for other antiques. Visitors will be encouraged to handle the objects to see if they can feel paranormal presences. They can record their experiences in a book that will form part of the centre’s paranormal research.

The building in Hinckley where the centre is located has itself been said to be haunted, according to a guest medium who detected several spirits occupying the property.

Obviously, many people are sceptical that antiques can be haunted, and that spirits can live in them. This has not put off Packer’s 9,000 Facebook followers from believing in his ghostly objects, and many will no doubt visit his Hinckley centre.

Antique furniture found in Lancashire antique shops
rarely lays claim to be haunted. That Victorian chaise lounge, or French ormolu dining table, has been around for nearly two hundred years and has probably witnessed many events, but it is unlikely that a ghost or spirit has taken up residence!

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