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August 12, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

A rare antique crock was recently discovered by a US picker, Larry Vaughan. The item was spotted by Vaughan while he was scouring homes for hidden treasure.

Vaughan spends his days travelling around looking for items that he can sell. When he spotted the antique crock, Vaughan was in the process of clearing out someone’s home for them. Luckily, they allowed him to place the Great Road container up for auction. The rare container realised $17,000 (around £11,000).

In November 2011, Vaughan opened an auction company, Pickers Auction Co. He started by working as a picker for another company before realising that he wanted to be a picker on a full time basis. Originally, Vaughan began going to auctions so that he could educate himself. He also started going to shops and shows around the US, realising that he would always be learning. Unless Vaughan has an estate in the local vicinity to deal with, he will travel from Georgia to New York looking for treasure. In a similar style to the experts who appear on “American Pickers”, Vaughan just introduces himself to a home owner, which is how he spotted the rare antique crock.

According to Vaughan, the crock attracted interest from a number of bidders, phone bidders and those in person at the auction. The successful bidder would have paid more for the antique crock than at a dealer, as a buyer’s premium is added at auction. Vaughan states that he can make a living at being a picker, spotting all types of valuable items, from furniture like Victorian dining chairs to rare pottery.

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