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July 29, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Bookcases — David

During the restoration of an old property, a valuable comic was discovered behind wallpaper acting as wall insulation. The house had been built in 1938 – the year that Superman was introduced to the world in a copy of Action Comics No. 1.

The house had been bought by David Gonzalez for $10,100 so that he could restore the property and sell it. The comic was discovered as he removed walls in the property, used along with old newspapers as insulation. The colours of the comic had been preserved due to being stored in the dark, but the general condition of the comic wasn’t as good and it had also been torn, reportedly by Gonzalez and a relation of his wife.

According to a member of online auctioneers ComicConnect, the value of the comic would have been reduced by around $50,000 (£32,500) due to the tear. Although the comic wasn’t in pristine condition, it still sold for $175,000 (around £113,000).The buyer was described as a “hardcore golden age comic collector”. While speaking to a reporter, Gonzalez said that the comic had sold for much more than the house would make and he had decided to keep the property.

When questioned about the damage to the comic that reduced the value, Gonzalez said he would prefer to get his money by working. The value of some items can be surprising, although at auction buyers pay more due to the addition of a buyer’s premium. For anyone wanting to buy items like antique bookcases, which are suitable for storing rare volumes and collectable comics, a reputable antiques dealer would provide better value.

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