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A Devon-based restoration specialist has told The Irish Post about a valuable piece of jewellery he recently discovered while conducting restoration on a 19th-Century bureau.

Simon Gilboy had been working with Shallowford Farm, a charitable organisation that aids Devon families who are disadvantaged.

Gilboy had been asked to restore an antique cylinder bureau which was in a poor condition and had a covering of mould. During the restoration process, Gilboy discovered a silver chain in one of the drawers, along with a letter that had been written by the founder of the charity, Elizabeth Braund. Several old coins had also been found in the bureau. Further investigation revealed a box, which was engraved with ‘Garrard & Co Ltd’ and also ‘Crown Jewellers’. The address was also on the box, as Regent Street London. Inside the box was a brooch with emeralds and diamonds.

According to Gilboy, the brooch contains 34 emeralds and 75 diamonds. Gilboy realised that the brooch was valuable and immediately contacted the charity to inform it of his find, especially as he knew that the brooch would be valuable and was a rare find.

Gilboy added that the restoration team often discovered items trapped in drawers or in antique desks. However, he contacted Shallowford Farm immediately as he knew that such a valuable item could help to provide funding for the trust.

Antiques may often hold secrets from many years earlier, especially as antique furniture will often last for centuries, especially when expertly restored to its former glory.

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