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A pink sofa that played a part in the abdication crisis of Edward VIII has gone up for sale.

The velvet sofa was owned by lady Thelma Furness who was a girlfriend of Edward, Prince of Wales. She introduced Edward to Wallis Simpson and the three of them often sat together on the sofa.

In 1934, Thelma travelled to New York and when she returned, found that Edward was seeing Simpson. Later, on hearing that the King was to marry Simpson, in a rage, she vandalised the sofa by cutting it. The King abdicated in 1936 in so that he could marry Simpson.

The current owner said that before he restored and reupholstered the sofa, it was roughly cut with a saw. Now up for sale, it is expected to fetch around £3,000.

Northamptonshire auctioneer, Jonathan Humbert who is selling the sofa said:

“The seeds of a love affair that was to shock the world were sown on a pink settee at a hunting lodge country house in Leicestershire in 1931. This really is the original seat of love where arguably the greatest love affair of the 20th Century began and a settee that was set to change the course of history.”

If the sofa sells for £3,000, the buyer will also have to pay other fees which will make the final cost a lot more. You may find 1930’s antique sofas at Lancashire antique shops, which, without an association with a celebrity, cost a lot less than £3,000.

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