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At a time when follies were being built for no purpose rather than just to decorate the landscape and all sorts of weird and wonderful inventions were being exploited for financial gain, antique furniture itself was being copied, revived and reinvented purely to satisfy Victorian taste for eccentricity and show.

The Victorian middle class home reflected its owners status in society and much effort was expended to ensure that everyone knew how wealthy, knowledgeable and modern thinking they were. Houses were now being built on the fringes of cities for those who aspired to the country but needed to remain in town for business purposes so there were plenty of opportunities for comparison.

Furniture, now mass produced, echoed the grandest of aristocratic drawing rooms for elegance and comfort. Davenport desks, originally an 18th century invention by Captain Davenport and made by Gillows of Lancaster , now took their place in most Victorian homes and whatnots or étagère showcased all types of bric-a-brac, stuffed animals and small scientific instruments for inspection.

The Victorians themselves also liked antiques and a Gothic revival meant that period pieces were much used to furnish homes. In his Hints of Household Taste, Charles Eastlake even saw fit to warn his readers against imitation when shopping for items on Wardour Street in London.

With mass production, also came an unprecedented wealth of choice and many Victorian homes would decorate different rooms in different styles from Tudor, through to Adam, as well as up to the minute Victorian functionality in kitchens and bathrooms.

When planning to restyle and restore your Victorian home, if you are searching for Victorian dining chairs in Lancashire, then antique dealers in Preston or elsewhere should be able to help.

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