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March 11, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Chests,Antique Tables — Harriet

The LAPADA website doesn’t just tell collectors in Lancashire where to buy antique chests and Victorian dining chairs – it has some good advice on caring for them too.

If you’ve just purchased an antique chest from a Preston antique dealer, it will have been expertly restored and polished, the patina giving it that unique glow which is a feature of all fine antique furniture. However, a centrally heated environment, cigarette smoke, use of harsh chemicals etc. can soon destroy this, reducing the value of the piece as well as spoiling its aesthetic beauty. It’s a lot easier – and cheaper – to maintain antique furniture in the condition you purchased it, than try to restore it once the damage is done. It’s surprisingly easy to do this – so long as you remember a few basic rules.

In Preston and Cumbria, antique dining tables and Victorian dining chairs are popular buys – there has been a noticeable move back towards traditional dining in recent times (no doubt helped by the modern trend to install TV in every room in the house, including the kitchen diner!) Whether purchased or inherited, wear and tear is going to be typical of an antique dining table in Lancashire . You should accept this is part of its beauty, and not try to repair pot marks and other damage. “Restoring” an antique dining table by covering the scratches and marks can actually drastically reduce its value.

If you need advice caring for your antique chest or antique dining table, a good Preston antique dealer will be able to help.

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