22 Apr 2021
April 27, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

In the popular video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can collect furniture, including antique sets.

During the coronavirus lockdown, people are staying at home and working and socialising online. Many play video games to pass the time. Animal Crossing is a very popular series of game and it has been described as a life simulation located in an island world which players wander around and collect things.

Players live in a virtual home which can be decorated and furnished. The game’s Happy Room Academy gives awards for the best interior design. Antique lovers can furnish their homes with antique dining chairs , clocks, bureaus, tables and other items. These are available in a selection of wood types from light to dark.

Although Animal Crossing is an immersive game which players get lost in for hours on end, virtual antique furniture, however well designed, is not the same as real antiques. While Lancashire dealers’ antique shops are closed, their featured items are available for viewing online on their websites.

Dealers can be contacted by email or via Facebook with any queries about items for sale. Some dealers provide video tours of items you are interested in via Skype, WhatsApp or other video calling systems. Items can be reserved for when the shop re-opens again or can be delivered safely with no physical contact with the delivery drivers.

If virtual furniture does not satisfy you or you are not into video games, dealers are doing their best so you can still purchase real antiques even when housebound.

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