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November 11, 2009 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Harriet

Getting your antiques valued over the internet through a virtual valuation firm is becoming quite common practice these days. Although auction houses will quite happily send an expert to your house to value your items, sometimes it may be easier and quicker to get a valuation done online.

On most occasions this is a very easy process. First you must photograph the item that you want valued. It may be better at this stage to take a number of photos. For example, if you are selling an antique desk, then photograph it from all sides, even the back as it is often helpful to the valuer to see the quality of the piece beneath the veneers.

These virtual valuation sites usually charge around £4.00 an item, which goes down if you have a number of items to be valued, so not a huge amount of money. When entering their website, you are taken through a process where you are first asked to upload the photo/s of your item, then asked to choose a category eg antique furniture, provide some written information on the object if you have it, pay of course and press send. You should receive your valuation within 48 hours. The valuation is usually sent as a formal document, so can be printed off if needed for insurance purposes for example. However, always check that this type of valuation is acceptable.

Some of these sites boast experts in any number of fields with good provenances from Christies or Sotheby’s. However it is always good to have some idea of what your antique may be worth before getting it valued like this. So whether you have an antique desk in Lancashire or London, these days a valuation is just a click away.

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