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The Flog It! team is inviting people to Longleat House and Gardens, in Wiltshire, to have their collectibles and other items valued. The popular antiques show will be presented by Paul Martin from Longleat House on 18th July. Members of the public can take along up to three items, collectibles or antiques, which they wish to have valued and possibly sell.

Antiques experts who appear on the show will carry out the valuations, including Mark Stacey, David Fletcher and Michael Baggott. Following the valuation, an item may be chosen to be auctioned at a later date by a team of experts from the show. All items that are taken to the event will receive a valuation, even if the item isn’t selected for auction. According to Louise Hibbins, the show’s producer, the Flog It! team is looking forward to the valuation day and discovering those hidden treasures. In last year’s series, a rare find was discovered. An Aboriginal broad shield was brought along to the show by a viewer who had kept the object hidden away in a wardrobe. The shield turned out to be worth £30,000 at auction. A piece of Royal Doulton, which had been picked up at a car boot sale for £2, was sold for £5,000 at an auction.

People often have hidden treasures in their homes without even being aware of their value. Furniture is a typical example, especially antique dining tables . In Lancashire, there are antiques dealers who are able to display a variety of antique furniture to interested parties.

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