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November 11, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

One of the actors made famous by the Harry Potter films has recently revealed how he collects bizarre antiques, including stuffed animals, x-rays and elephant bird eggs.

Rupert Grint revealed all to the Sunday Times magazine during an interview, confessing that he loves to discover strange items.

The star even admits to an interest in the x-rays taken of Evel Knievel when he failed to make a motorcycle jump in 1974 across Snake River Canyon. During the accident, the daredevil allegedly broke 433 bones in his body and Rupert has the x-rays to prove it.

The egg of an elephant bird – an extinct, flightless giant that once roamed Madagascar – is also among his weird collection. Similarly, a hair from the mane of Red Rum, the Grand National winning horse, takes pride among the actor’s possessions. Grint informed the Sunday Times magazine that his passion for finding antiques and strange items grew from his days of watching Antiques Roadshow, which features all manner of unusual objects.

The interest in purchasing taxidermy, according to the actor, was a phase. He has a couple of interesting pieces, including a blue tit perched on a bible along with a chandelier. The 25-year-old is to star in the film CBGB, based on the famous New York night club.

Finding items as strange as those in Grint’s collection can be tough, but looking in reputable antique dealers is anyone’s best bet. Furniture such as antique cabinets, from Cumbria or elsewhere in the North West, is suitable for the display of taxidermy and rare collectibles.

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