25 May 2020
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In the winter, there are normally few tourists who visit the Cornwall seaside town of Penzance. However, over the last few years, visitors have increased and this has been caused by more international tourists coming to Penzance to buy antiques.

Antique shops in the town are discussing launching a marketing campaign to attract more antique buyers, which will boost the economy of Penzance for both antique shops and other businesses in the town such as hotels and cafes that cater to tourists.

Cash Your Clutter owner, Neil Potter said:

“In the last month, I’ve had people coming in from Germany, China, Australia and America. They say they’re coming down to Penzance because it’s cheaper and there are lot of items to buy. Penzance has been going through some hard times and this could really help improve the town in the future. We all need to focus on marketing Penzance as a serious antiques tourism destination.”

The antique traders are making plans for a marketing campaign and encouraging TV antique shows to make their programs in Penzance.

Many visitors are attracted to some of the more unusual antiques found in Penzance. A recent item for sale in Penzance was a Boeing Jumbo Jet door.

You don’t have to travel as far as Penzance for items such as antique wardrobes, chairs and sofas. Lancashire antique dealers stock many quality antiques at reasonable prices, but you are unlikely to find a dealer selling a jumbo jet door.

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