20 Apr 2021
November 25, 2019 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

A woman from Leeds has transformed her house form what she described as “boring beige” into a 1930s era mansion.

In the twelve weeks since she moved into the house, Siobhan Murphy, 42, has furnished it with paintings, animal print rugs, and velvet cocktail chairs. The bedroom is inspired by Miami, with velvet chairs and tropical wallpaper.

The transformation cost her a total of £15,000. As well as filling the property with 1930s era objects, she wears clothes inspired by that era. Siobhan explained:

“I moved into the property around twelve weeks ago, and the walls were magnolia, plain and boring. It isn’t my style to use beige and creams, I am a maximalist and I love my homes to have the wow factor.”

She described her home as “flamboyant and opulent.” She bought the items for her home from antique shops, charity shops and car boot sales. An ostrich lamp came from eBay for £1,200 and the £800 fireplace was sourced from one of her Instagram followers. Not all of her items were expensive. She bought a chest of drawers for £20, her brown sofa cost £100 and a grey cocktail chair was also £100.

Few people in Lancashire fill their whole house with antiques. They buy a few select pieces like antique desks, sofas and chairs to enhance their rooms. However, if you want to turn back time and transform your home to look like it is from a different era, you will find all you need at local antique dealers.

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