14 Apr 2021
March 1, 2021 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

A woman from County Durham has shared with her online followers how she converted an antique Singer sewing machine into a bathroom sink.

Laura Barrass bought the old sewing machine on eBay for £100, and then she spent a month preparing it by sanding and cleaning it. Her father-in-law stained and oiled the wooden parts, and the base, which is made of metal, was sandblasted to remove the peeling paint. A bathroom fitter then installed a sink on the top.

Barrass was extremely pleased with her sink, and said to Jam Press:

“I absolutely love the finished result and am so pleased we managed to pull it off, I’ve always wanted to use an old piece of furniture for the sink unit in my bathroom as I am really keen on antique furniture.”

In her Facebook post, which featured pictures of the sink, Barrass said that the project cost much less than buying and installing a modern sink unit. Her post has received over 13,000 likes and 1,500 comments. Some fans said the sink looks “stunning” and “outstanding”.

Barrass said she plans to undertake more upcycling projects.

Low-value antiques that are not in a good condition can benefit from restoration and re-purposing. Fine antique dining tables , sofas, cabinets and other furniture from Lancashire antique dealers, on the other hand, will be in great condition and will need very little restoration. It is not recommended that they be altered to serve another function. For example, a Victorian mahogany dining table may benefit from being polished, but converting it from a table to a piece of bathroom furniture is not wise.

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