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April 19, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

The organisers behind National Antiques Week are holding a competition in the run up to their weeklong nationwide event, to find what they are calling the antique trade’s ‘Young Guns’.

National Antiques Week will be held between the 20th – 28th April and many events are planned throughout the country, marking the importance of antiques in the psyche of the UK population.

The two runners up and the winner of this year’s campaign will be rewarded with a glittering assortment of prizes.

The Young Guns are all aged under 39 and work in a variety of roles within the antiques trade as auctioneers, owners of shops or are working to promote the industry through the trade association.

The future of the trade is in these young people’s hands and the organisers believe they should be rewarded for their passion and inspiration to others.

One of the Young Guns is Adam Partridge, the well-known auctioneer and valuer who has appeared on several television antique shows such as Bargain Hunt, Dickinson’s Real Deal and Flog It. Some find it hard to believe that Partridge is still only 39 years old; he runs a successful auctioneering business.

A week is not long, so anyone in the Preston area who cannot get to one of the events can avoid disappointment by visiting their local antique dealer’s premises. Most dealers are open throughout the week and at weekends, and most keep a stock of practical furniture such as open bookcases or antique dining tables and chairs available for sale.

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