22 Apr 2021
May 27, 2019 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Mark

YouTube videos of people restoring antiques has become a popular trend recently, with some viewers claiming that watching them is like therapy.

One of the most popular restoration channels is MyMechanic which has nearly 600,000 subscribers. People who pay for a subscription to MyMechanic on Patreon are given a more detailed description of the restoration techniques that are used. One viewer commented:

“I suffer from anxiety and have recently started watching your videos to relax. It’s calming. Thank you.”

The videos on MyMechanic are shot in real time with no edits to speed the process up. People relax to the slow movements of sanding, the whirring of the lathe and the clinking of metal tools.

The YouTube restorers find antique objects in scrap yards, car boot sales and second-hand shops and restore them. Some viewers have sent in objects to be restored. The unnamed restorer on MyMechanic restores items to looking like new again.

The videos can also be used to learn the best way to restore antiques. Sometime an antique shop will sell an unrestored item of antique furniture at a low price for a quick sale. Skilfully restoring furniture can add a considerable amount to its value.

For people looking for antique desks, sofas or cabinets in good condition that are not in need of restoring, visit your Lancashire antique dealer. If you have trouble sleeping, lie on your antique chaise longue and watch a relaxing antique restoration video that will help you to relax and fall asleep.

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